Raskulls Review

9 Sep

Raskulls Review

Immediate decision: skip

Raskulls is a kind of puzzle racer hybrid. You play as the a people known as raskulls. Throughout the campaign it is your job to save the kingdom and rescue the stolen item. You do this by competing in races to the end. They aren’t, however, normal races. As you go there are blocks in the way that you must zap. If you zap blocks that are below other blocks you have to get out of the way or get stunned. As you destroy the blocks you collect yellow orbs that can put you in to frenzy mode. In frenzy mode you can cut through the stage incredibly fast but it is a very short lived boost. You can also pick up power ups such as boosts to help you on the way.

The campaign is too long and becomes extremely repetitive. lt is fun for one or two races at a time but then it becomes a chore. Fortunately the game also includes a multiplayer mode. To me this mode is what made the game fun. It is much more exciting than playing against the ai. It is much less predictable and it is always possible for people to make huge comebacks. This is a good game to play split screen with people who aren’t necessarily “good” at playing games.

Final verdict: unless you are looking for a game to play split screen with a less than competent gamer than I say skip. It is a fun idea but becomes repetitive very quickly. I wouldn’t recommend this game for more then $5. On a scale of one to ten Raskulls receives a 6.


Pushmo Review

8 Sep

immediate decision: must buy at any price

Pushmo is a puzzle game that ranges from frustratingly easy to mind bogglingly difficult. The game is about you trying to get to the top of a shape to rescue a kid in each level. In each level there are three layers of platforms that can be pulled out from the wall. You have to use your puzzle sense to decide when to push and when to pull out the different levels. You start out doing the tutorial. It is frustratingly easy and long. Once you move on to the first few sections of levels the difficulty picks up but only in the slightest. It is still way too easy. Once you get to the fourth section of puzzles it immediately becomes very difficult.

The game also includes a level editor for those of us who play the game so much we run out of levels. The levels can then be shared via QR codes. There is a huge number of user generated levels available if you search on the internet. The level editor adds a lot of value to the package.

final verdict: If you have a nintendo 3ds that is connected to the internet then you need to have this game. It is fun, challenging, and creative. It is one of the reasons I became convinced that my 3ds purchase was worth it. I would recommend this game for whatever the heck Nintendo wants to sell it for because its that good. On a scale of 1-10 I give Pushmo a 9.25.

Stacking Review

7 Sep

-Immediate decision: purchase while on sale

Stacking is a fun, creative, and humorous XBLA game. The game is centered around russian stacking dolls (hence the name). You play as the smallest doll of all. Throughout the game you must rescue your family from the nefarious Baron. This is accomplished via stacking yourself into dolls one size larger than yourself. Once inside a bigger doll you can stack into a bigger doll and it you can continue to become huge.

Each doll has a special ability that can be used by pressing the A button. They range from completely useless things such as “sip tea” to things that are vital to solving puzzles and advancing the game. Each puzzle has multiple solutions that usually range from blatantly obvious to almost impossible to find. The game is full of collectibles that present themselves very regularly. The art style is fun and the cutscenes have an old movie type of feel.

Overall the game is very fun to play but becomes stale after a while. Fortunately for this game it isn’t very long (you can zip through in a few hours). If however you try to find all the solutions it could take much, much longer.

Final Verdict: The game is great fun in short bursts and is overall a short game. Definitely worth $5-10. On a 1-10 scale I give Stacking a 7.